Trump Faces Biased Media in High-Stakes Presidential Debate Tonight

In a conservative take on the upcoming presidential debate, the stakes are set high as the two contenders prepare to enter the arena. With the mainstream media already painting a picture of Donald Trump as the inevitable loser, it’s clear that the deck is stacked against him. However, Trump’s mere presence at the debate stage is worthy of acknowledgment, showing his willingness to face off against the odds. 


On the other side, Joe Biden, though facing questions about his mental acuity and physical appearance, is not to be underestimated. Fueled by whatever substances his handlers provide, Biden is likely to put on a facade of energy and strength for the cameras. His strategy will likely involve attacking Trump and spreading falsehoods, supported by the moderators who are expected to lean in his favor.

For Trump, the challenge is to exude presidential demeanor while subtly goading Biden into missteps. With potential mic-cutting tactics by CNN and the need to maintain a mature stance, Trump’s task is daunting. Nevertheless, his performance could serve to dispel the fear-mongering narratives that have surrounded his presidency.

As the debate night approaches, the anticipation among conservative viewers is palpable. The opportunity to engage in live commentary and discussion through platforms like PJ Media’s VIP membership adds an extra layer of excitement to the event. Despite the biased environment, conservative voices are ready to dissect the debate and provide their insights, showcasing a spirited engagement in the political process.

Written by Staff Reports

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