Trump Triumphs Again: Dems’ Ballot Blockade Crushed in WA!

In another win for the former President Donald Trump, a judge in Washington state has dismissed an attempt to block him from the 2024 presidential ballot. Judge Mary Sue Wilson of the Thurston County Superior Court concluded that the state’s Democratic secretary of state had properly allowed Trump to join the list of Republican contenders. This is a major blow to the liberal voters and the Democratic Party, who have filed lawsuits in 35 states to keep Trump off the ballot.

It’s no surprise that the Democrats are desperately trying to keep Trump out of the race. They still can’t handle the fact that he beat them in 2016 and exposed their failed policies. But their attempts to silence him are pathetic and unjust. Thankfully, Judge Wilson recognized that Trump’s inclusion on the ballot is consistent with the secretary of state’s duties. The Democrats will stop at nothing to undermine our democracy, but they won’t succeed in silencing the voice of the American people.

You see, the Democrats are afraid of a fair fight because they know they can’t win on policy alone. So, they resort to dirty tactics, throwing baseless accusations like “insurrection” at Trump. They claim that his actions on January 6th, 2021, make him ineligible to run under the 14th Amendment. But here’s the reality: Trump has not been convicted of any crime. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. The fact that these desperate liberals are trying to disqualify him without any conviction is a clear violation of his rights.

The Washington state GOP rightly argued that Trump’s ineligibility is moot because he hasn’t been convicted of any crime. They understand that our justice system is not about baseless allegations and political witch hunts. Only Congress has the power to decide whether a president is guilty of crimes committed in office, not eager Democrats who can’t accept defeat.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear arguments regarding Trump’s ballot access, it’s crucial that they uphold the principles of our democracy. The Democrats’ attempts to remove Trump from the ballot are nothing more than an outrageous power grab. They fear his influence and popularity, so they want to silence him. But we cannot let them undermine the will of the American people. If Trump is found guilty of any crimes, let Congress decide, not power-hungry Democrats.

President Joe Biden, who claims to be a unifying figure, has been silent on whether Trump should remain on the ballot. It’s clear that he is content with his party’s attempts to silence the opposition. His Justice Department’s special counsel, Jack Smith, is even trying to expedite the J6 trial against Trump before the November elections, fearing that he might win and dismiss all the charges. This is a blatant abuse of power and an attack on our democratic process. Biden should be standing up for fairness and justice, not playing political games.

In the end, it will be the Supreme Court that has the final say in this matter. We can only hope that they prioritize the Constitution and the rights of all candidates, regardless of party. Trump deserves a fair chance to run in 2024, and the American people deserve a fair election. Let’s reject the Democrats’ desperate attempts to silence their opposition and let the voters decide.

Written by Staff Reports

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