Trump Triumphs Over Judge Gag in “Witch Hunt” Trial Farce

Former President Donald Trump didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the judge in his civil fraud trial. Judge Arthur Engoron initially refused to let Trump have his say, but eventually caved under the pressure and allowed the former president to speak. It was a victory for Trump, but not without some drama, as Judge Engoron had to rein in Trump multiple times during his limited time to speak.

The New York State Attorney General Letitia James has accused Trump, his sons, and their businesses of inflating their worth, and this trial seems like nothing more than a politically motivated attack on the former president. Trump didn’t mince words as he defended himself, proclaiming his innocence and slamming the trial as a “political witch hunt.”

Trump’s frustration with the judge and the entire legal process was palpable as he repeatedly asserted his innocence and demanded compensation for the ordeal he’s had to endure. The biased nature of the trial was not lost on Trump, who went on to label it a fraud, not on the state, but on him.

Throughout the proceedings, Judge Engoron seemed to be exercising his authority to stifle Trump’s defense, reprimanding his attorneys and limiting Trump’s speaking time. Trump’s remarks about the judge’s agenda and his efforts to control the former president only further highlighted the biased nature of the trial. It’s clear that Trump is facing an uphill battle against a legal system that is stacked against him.

The media circus that followed Trump’s brief remarks provided him with an opportunity to further criticize the attorney general and express his disdain for the left-leaning elites, who he believes are out to get him. The larger message from Trump was clear: he’s being unfairly targeted by those who oppose him politically.

As the trial continues, it’s evident that this is not just a legal battle, but a fight against a system that is determined to bring down a conservative icon. Despite the biased trial and the ongoing efforts to silence him, Trump is not backing down. He is standing up for himself and for conservative values, and he is calling on his supporters to stand with him in the face of this relentless political persecution.

Written by Staff Reports

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