Trump Trounces Biden in New Poll, Dems Tremble!

A new poll from Rasmussen Reports has revealed some fascinating information that has Democrats shaking in their boots. According to the survey, if the presidential election were held today, former President Donald Trump would trounce Joe Biden with an impressive 49-41 percent lead. That’s right, folks, Trump is still winning hearts and minds across the nation!

But that’s not all. The poll also showed that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the rising star of the GOP, would narrowly edge out President Biden by just one point, 42-41. However, former U.N. ambassador and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley unfortunately falls short with a 38-36 defeat against good ol’ Bumblin’ Joe. We can’t afford to have another four years of this incompetent administration!

When it comes to Trump versus Biden, a whopping 79 percent of Republicans would choose their beloved former president. However, when it’s DeSantis in the running, that number drops slightly to 68 percent. Come on, Republicans! Let’s rally behind our leading man, whether it’s Trump or DeSantis!

Meanwhile, Biden’s approval ratings continue to stink up the place. It’s no surprise, really. The man can barely string a coherent sentence together, and his policies are turning our great nation into a laughingstock. Can we really trust someone who can’t remember where he left his socks to lead our country? I think not!

Now, let’s not forget that polls are just polls. We all remember how wrong they were in 2016 when they confidently predicted a Hillary Clinton victory. But hey, they still give us a sense of where things are, and it’s clear that Trump’s eight-point lead has Democrats trembling with fear. The thought of Trump back in the White House must be giving them sleepless nights.

Of course, there are other surveys out there that paint a different picture. The Wall Street Journal, for example, reported that Nikki Haley had a double-digit lead over Biden. However, even they admitted that the results were driven by a small group of voters with college degrees. We can’t let a few educated elites dictate the outcome of an election!

In the end, what’s important to note is that multiple polls, including those from supposedly biased progressive organizations, consistently show Trump defeating Biden. These pollsters may have their biases, but when their own numbers smack them in the face, they can’t ignore the truth. And the truth is that Joe Biden’s prospects are looking very grim indeed.

So, buckle up, America! The wind might be blowing in Trump’s favor once again, and it’s time for conservatives across the nation to stand tall and support our champion. Let’s make America great again!

Written by Staff Reports

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