Trump’s Secret VP Pick: Kari Lake Unfazed by Buzz

Former President Donald Trump is practically guaranteed to win the Republican Party’s nomination this summer according to recent polling data. And as speculation about his running mate continues to swirl, one name that keeps popping up is Arizona Senate candidate, Kari Lake. However, Lake seems to have little interest in discussing the matter.

While campaigning for Trump in Iowa, Lake was asked about the media’s curiosity regarding Trump’s potential VP pick. She found it amusing, pointing out that figures like Haley and DeSantis aren’t constantly bombarded with the same question. Lake believes this suggests that the media recognizes that Haley and DeSantis don’t stand a chance of winning.

When questioned about the possibility of being selected by Trump, Lake brushed it off, stating that she isn’t worried about who he chooses. She’s focused on supporting whoever it is and promises to go to great lengths to help Trump in the Senate.

As for Trump himself, he was asked about his running mate during a town hall event, but he remained tight-lipped. While he didn’t disclose the identity of his choice, he did confidently state that he knows who it will be. In a moment of lightheartedness, Trump jokingly mentioned former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as a possible option, much to the amusement of everyone present.

The former White House advisor, Steve Bannon, has also chimed in on the topic. Bannon has suggested that Trump’s VP selection is likely to be a woman, and he mentioned several possible candidates, including Lake. However, he did make it clear that former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is not under consideration, describing her as a “non-starter.”

In the end, it seems that Kari Lake is keeping a low profile when it comes to the vice presidential speculation. While the media and political pundits continue to debate, Lake remains focused on supporting Trump and making a difference in the Senate.

Written by Staff Reports

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