Trump’s VP Pick: Tucker Carlson or DeSantis? Don Jr. Weighs In!

Former President Trump’s victory in the Iowa GOP presidential caucuses has sparked speculation about who his running mate will be. It’s clear that it won’t be former VP Mike Pence, much to the relief of many conservatives. Various names have been suggested, including NY Rep. Elise Stefanik, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, former ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, and even media personality Tucker Carlson.

Interestingly, both Trump and his wife Melania seem open to the idea of Tucker Carlson as the vice presidential candidate. Although Carlson himself has stated that he has no interest in the role, that hasn’t stopped the speculation. Trump’s son, Don Jr., expressed his support for Carlson on Newsmax’s Wake Up America, noting their alignment on key issues such as ending the never-ending war.

Don Jr. also mentioned the possibility of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a potential running mate. He highlighted the need for someone who is aggressive and not afraid to fight for the conservative agenda, criticizing the Republicans in Washington, D.C. for being weak. Don Jr. also voiced his opposition to Nikki Haley, claiming that she is being funded by Democrats and questioning her loyalty to the Republican party.

While Tucker Carlson might be a favorite among his fans, it seems unlikely that he would join the ticket as talks may not progress. Carlson sees himself as more effective as a commentator than a politician, and he has been successful with his new venture, the “Tucker Carlson Network.” However, the fact that Don Jr. didn’t rule out Governor DeSantis suggests that there may be potential for reconciliation between Trump Sr. and the impactful conservative governor of Florida.

Even though Don Jr. doesn’t have the final say, it’s important to note that he has his father’s ear and his opinion carries weight. The decision about the running mate ultimately rests with President Trump, but it’s fascinating to see the different names being considered and the dynamics within the conservative landscape.

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