Trump Crushes Rivals in New Hampshire GOP Showdown!

In the upcoming New Hampshire primary, two surveys have shown that former President Donald Trump is once again blowing away any competition in the Republican field. The first survey, conducted by Saint Anselm, indicates that Trump is leading the pack with a whopping 52 percent of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters backing him. Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley comes in second but is trailing by 14 points with 38 percent support. Poor ol’ Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is barely chugging along in third place, with a measly six percent of support from voters.

But wait, there’s more! Among independent voters, Haley does hold a slight edge over Trump with 52 percent compared to his 37 percent. However, when it comes to Republicans, Trump is leading the charge with a jaw-dropping 40-point advantage over Haley. Looks like the GOP voters are still pretty smitten with the former president.

And did ya hear the latest? A Suffolk University/NBC10 Boston/Boston Globe tracking poll also confirmed that Trump is sitting comfortably in the lead, once again outpacing Haley by 14 points, with 50 percent of the support compared to her 36 percent. DeSantis is still hanging around at just six percent, probably feeling a bit like the awkward third wheel in this political race.

Now, as if Trump needed any more validation, the surveys come hot on the heels of the news that the DeSantis campaign is shifting gears and diverting most of its resources to South Carolina, essentially waving the white flag in New Hampshire. On the other hand, Trump took the opportunity to swipe at Haley during a recent speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, accusing her of relying on Democrats and liberals to boost her chances in the Republican primary. Trump even went so far as to label Haley’s supporters as “pro-amnesty, pro-China, pro-open borders, pro-war, and pro-Biden,” adding fuel to the fiery competition between the two Republican heavyweights.

With these numbers and the shift in campaign strategies, it looks like Trump is continuing to hold his ground and prove that he’s the undisputed leader of the pack in the Republican presidential race. Will anyone be able to step up and dethrone the former president? It’s definitely shaping up to be an interesting showdown in the political arena.

Written by Staff Reports

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