Van Jones Claims Democrats Plotting How to Replace Biden, Kamala Eyes Top Spot

CNN commentator and former Obama administration official Van Jones has stirred the pot by suggesting that the Democrats are not debating whether to replace President Biden, but rather strategizing on the ‘how’ of it all. According to Jones, there is a behind-the-scenes frenzy, with legal memos flying around on WhatsApp as Democrats try to figure out the best way to transition power away from Biden while still giving him the respect he deserves.

Since Biden’s lackluster debate performance, the rumor mill has been working overtime on whether he will remain the nominee or make way for someone else. Some House Democrats have already broken ranks, with Reps. Raul Grijalva and Lloyd Doggett calling for Biden to step aside, citing the need to pass the torch to a new generation.

Amidst this chaos, Vice President Kamala Harris seems to be positioning herself as the next in line, hoping to revive her tarnished image from a failed presidential bid and underwhelming tenure as VP. Jones hinted at the possibility of Harris taking the lead, posing the intriguing question of who her vice president might be in such a scenario.

Despite the praise for Biden’s dedication to the country, the writing on the wall suggests that a changing of the guard may be imminent. If Harris does step into the spotlight, the potential backlash looms large, with one delegate warning of repercussions if a white man is chosen over her.

As the Democratic drama unfolds, with speculations swirling and tensions rising, it seems that the stage is set for a showdown leading up to the convention. With the clock ticking down, the headlines are sure to be buzzing as the party grapples with the question of ‘whether’ Biden will be replaced, and if so, ‘how’ it will all go down.

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