Wall Street Fat Cats Bankroll Haley, Betray American Workers

Nikki Haley, former ambassador to the United Nations and a Republican presidential primary candidate, has earned the support of wealthy Wall Street billionaires who are notorious for flooding the nation’s labor market with foreign workers. On January 30, a star-studded lineup of Wall Street’s wealthiest individuals will host a fundraising event for Haley in New York City, with tickets starting at a mere $3,300 and reaching a staggering $33,200.

Among the billionaires cohosting the fundraiser are Cliff Asness, Stanley Druckenmiller, Henry Kravis, and Ken Langone, alongside economist Glenn Hubbard, a member at BlackRock. This cozy relationship with Wall Street elites is concerning as Haley has advocated for a corporate-friendly immigration policy that echoes the likes of former President George W. Bush, allowing companies to dictate immigration levels based on their desire to hire foreign workers over American citizens.

The support from these billionaires is troubling as the United States already admits over a million legal immigrants annually on green cards and temporary work visas, primarily taking away American blue-collar jobs. This high level of legal immigration has led to a record 49.5 million foreign-born individuals in the nation. Such a surge in immigration has posed a threat to American workers and their job opportunities.

Nikki Haley’s stance on immigration has drawn criticism from National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) President RJ Hauman, who expressed concerns about her reluctance to address illegal aliens as criminals and her perceived support for amnesty, likening her policies to an “America Last” approach to immigration. This leniency on immigration policy is detrimental to the integrity of the nation’s immigration system and prioritizes the welfare of illegal aliens over the interests of American citizens.

The billionaires championing Haley have a vested interest in perpetuating such an immigration policy, as it aligns with Wall Street’s agenda to keep wages down, demand for housing high, and to ensure a continuous influx of workers with minimal bargaining power. Additionally, individuals like Cliff Asness actively lobbied against then-President Donald Trump’s travel ban and called for an increase in refugee admissions and policies favoring the economic importance of immigrants, illustrating their commitment to undermining immigration controls.

Moreover, the connections between these billionaires and advocacy groups like, which pushes for more immigration and amnesty for illegal aliens, raise further concerns about their influence on Haley’s immigration agenda. Mark Zuckerberg’s, with its ties to Druckenmiller, pushes for increased immigration and amnesty, further highlighting the alignment between Wall Street interests and Haley’s immigration policies.

While Haley continues to amass financial support from Wall Street, it is important to note that the National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) endorsed former President Donald Trump for his dedication to enforcing immigration laws and ensuring the security of the nation. Hauman praised Trump’s commitment to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and emphasized the need for the agency to prioritize law enforcement and national security under his leadership.

This alliance between Haley and Wall Street billionaires, whose interests diverge from those of hardworking Americans, underscores the importance of electing a candidate who prioritizes the well-being of American citizens and the enforcement of immigration laws. The cozy relationship between Haley and these wealthy elites raises concerns about her commitment to upholding the interests of everyday Americans in the face of Wall Street’s influence.

The fact that Haley echoes the immigration policy views of economist Glenn Hubbard, advocating for a surge in foreign competition in the white-collar labor market, further underscores her alignment with the interests of Wall Street billionaires. As the presidential primary unfolds, it is crucial for voters to carefully consider a candidate’s stance on immigration and their fidelity to the American workforce and national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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