WaPo’s Unsolicited Debate Ad Advice for Trump: Hilarious Hypocrisy from the Left

The Washington Post, that bastion of impartial journalism, has decided to bestow upon former President Donald Trump some unsolicited advice ahead of his first debate with President Biden on CNN. Because, clearly, Trump needs their guidance on how to handle a debate with Sleepy Joe.

Trump, the man who turned political debates into high-octane reality TV, should be taking notes from the paper that’s more concerned with pushing its leftist agenda than providing actual news. The Post suggests Trump focus on policy details—a real laugh considering Biden’s struggle to relay coherent points without a teleprompter. It’s ironic how liberals suddenly care about “policies” when their go-to candidate spends most of his speeches reminiscing about the good old days and losing his train of thought.

Then there’s the classic suggestion to avoid personal attacks. Yes, the same crowd that spends its days labeling anyone to the right of Marx as a fascist is suddenly clutching its pearls over civility. Trump’s ability to expose Biden’s numerous blunders and hypocrisies is precisely why his base loves him. It’s like telling a lion to go vegan before a hunt.

And finally, The Post insists Trump needs to be truthful, as if he’s debating someone else. This is rich coming from the outlet that has mishandled reporting on everything from the Russia hoax to Hunter Biden’s laptop. When Biden’s team is more versed in Photoshop apologetics than actual governance, this whole truth advice comes across as particularly insufferable.

The reality is, Trump doesn’t need lectures from a newspaper that roots for his failure. What he needs is the platform to showcase the stark contrast between his administration’s achievements and Biden’s mishandling of, well, everything. When Trump and Biden face off, advice from The Washington Post will be about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

Written by Staff Reports

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