WATCH: AOC Gets Destroyed By Former Supporters

On Wednesday evening, former fans of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were vocal in their criticism of her.

A protester challenged the congressman about her advocacy for nuclear war and Ukrainian Nazis when she was speaking at a question and answer session in a room at Bronxdale High School that had only a few people in attendance.

Joe Vega, one of the demonstrators, shared a video of the interaction and wrote the following in the accompanying tweet: my friend @Noggatone and I addressed Congresswoman @AOC on her backing for Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis.  I call her out on the fact that she is being a wimp in the face of a party that is currently trying to force all of us into nuclear war. Will she be a fighter for peace like @TulsiGabbard, or will she cower in fear?

The protesters were incensed by the fact that the purportedly progressive "outsider" had been backing weaponry shipments to Ukraine and marched in lockstep with the more extremist members of her party.

Concerned person spoke out, Tulsi Gabbard, she's left the Democratic Party because they are war hawks, referring to the party's leadership. You ran against everybody else! But you've been supporting to start this conflict in Ukraine, which is unacceptable.

He did not stop criticizing her for voting to launch a world war with Russia and China.

He demanded an explanation, saying, Why are you gambling with the lives of American citizens?  Why are you taking chances with our lives?

At this point, the second protester joined in and asserted that if there is a nuclear weapon, there will be no neighbors.

He demanded an answer, saying, You chose to mobilize and provide money to Ukrainian Nazis!  You are a coward, I tell you!

On the video, Representative Ocasio-Cortez can be seen attempting to defuse the situation, but the two individuals who are protesting will not back down.

Throughout the entirety of the incident, which you can view in its entirety by clicking here, it was possible to hear other people yelling at her as well:

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