Watch: Bill Gates’ PITIFUL Response To Jeffrey Epstein Connections

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has opened up about his affair with Jeffrey Epstein, a sex offender.

Bill Gates, who is regarded as one of the most prominent business leaders in the modern era, admitted that he had met with Jeffrey Epstein multiple times.

During an interview with a television program in Australia, Gates revealed that he had dinner with Jeffrey Epstein, and he expressed regret for meeting him.

During the interview, Gates noted that he had dinner at with Epstein, and he also stated that he went against the judgment of his former wife.

During the interview, Sarah Ferguson, a reporter from Australia, asked Gates about his ex-wife's behavior when he met with Epstein. Gates noted that he should have never met with him.

Gates maintained that he had no business relationship with Epstein. He also stated that he had dinner multiple times with him.

Gates maintained that he had never been in a relationship with Epstein. He stated that they had dinner together.

Melinda Gates, the wife of Bill, has also revealed that she met with Epstein. She referred to him as an abhorrent individual and an evil one.

The video of the interview can be found in the Tweet below.

Gates claims that their relationship was minimal, but some people have started posting pictures of the two of them from their dinner dates.

Some of the pictures that have been posted on the Internet show Gates and Epstein at their dinner dates.

The interview has caused a lot of attention to be generated by Gates' comments, and people have started to respond to him. Due to the nature of his relationship with Epstein, Gates' public image has been significantly affected by his statements.

The comments section of the video shows the reactions of people to Gates' interview.

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