Fla. Wants to Give Gun Owners More Freedom, While the Police Chief Warns Home Invaders That There Will Be “Repercussions”

Following the unveiling of new legislation by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis aimed at curbing crime, a police chief warned criminals about operating illegally in the state.

According to Gregory Goreck, the police chief of the city of Haines City, people who are brazen enough to enter someone's home may face repercussions. He was speaking after a homeowner confronted two thieves.

Goreck noted that since most people in Florida carry weapons, it's possible for someone to get shot if they break into a home.

A convicted criminal with a lengthy record of arrests learned the hard way that it's possible for people to get shot when they try to break into a home.

The armed homeowner was at home with his girlfriend when he saw two people breaking into his house. He then shot one of the thieves, who fled the scene.

On Monday, Republican legislators in Florida introduced a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons without a permit. DeSantis, who is a supporter of the bill, stated that it would give law-abiding citizens more freedoms.

During a news conference, Speaker Paul Renner stated that the bill would give people the right to carry concealed weapons regardless of their backgrounds or race.

According to Wayne Ivey, the sheriff of Florida's Brevard County, criminals don't care about the law when it comes to obeying it. He noted that allowing people to carry concealed weapons would give them the right to protect themselves.

Authorities in Polk County said that a homeowner was justified in shooting a suspect. The police were able to track the suspect using a canine unit before he was taken to a hospital.

Despite the presence of a criminal inside a home, the officers decided to focus on saving the lives of the people inside. Goreck noted that one of the officers tried to perform first aid on the suspect, but he was unable to do so himself due to his numerous wounds.

The suspect, who was shot multiple times, was listed in critical condition at a local hospital. He was charged with various felony offenses.

Goreck stated that the case is still under investigation, but based on the evidence, it appears that the homeowner was justified in shooting the suspect.

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