Watch Tucker Rip Into Dan Crenshaw’s ‘Terrorist’ Accusations

After criticizing his colleagues during the selection of the new speaker of the House, Dan Crenshaw said he had some regrets.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw called his fellow Freedom Caucus members terrorists during the recent vote for the speaker of the House. However, even though he apologized for his remark, he did not expect the backlash he received.

According to various reports, the Texas Republican Congressman called some of his colleagues terrorists during the negotiations for the speaker's position. As a result, he apologized.


During an interview on CNN's State of the Union, which was moderated by Jake Tapper, the Texas Republican Congressman apologized for his remark. However, he failed to acknowledge that his fellow Republicans were fighting for their agenda.

According to Ted Cruz, Rep. Dan Crenshaw used heated rhetoric against the holdouts of the Republican Party who did not support Kevin McCarthy as the House Majority Leader.

"The Texas Senator criticized the tone of the debate, saying that it was not conducive to the development of a unified Republican Party. He also called out the use of inflammatory rhetoric, such as calling people terrorists, which is not something that would be beneficial for the House."

In response to his controversial statement about calling his colleagues terrorists, Congressman Dan Crenshaw said on Twitter that he should unbuckle his pearls. He also stated that he did not expect to retaliate against his colleagues.

On Wednesday, during an interview with Dylan Wells of the Washington Post, Congressman Dan Crenshaw criticized the House holdouts.

According to Congressman Dan Crenshaw, he was tired of the talking points provided by the consultants who advised the defectors during their campaigns. He said that the members should either shut up or follow closed doors.

During the CNN program, which was moderated by Tapper, Congressman Dan Crenshaw apologized for his statement about calling his fellow Freedom Caucus members terrorists. The statement was met with outrage and shock by members of his own party. Due to the inflammatory nature of his statement, he was forced to issue an apology.

It is not clear what kind of remarks that would have justified his statement. As he continues to navigate through the political storm, it is still unclear if he is sincere about respecting his fellow Republicans.

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