White House Calls GOP Budget “Extreme MAGA Republican”

On Friday, the White House criticized the House Freedom Caucus' budget, referring to it as a result of "extreme MAGA Republicans" and a blow to the American middle class. The proposal, which was presented a day after President Joe Biden's budget, suggested terminating Biden's $400 billion plan for "relieving" student debt, withdrawing unused COVID-19 funds, and revoking the IRS's expansion and climate change expenses in the "Inflation Reduction Act." The caucus also suggested "identifying all funds expended by Democrats that could be reclaimed for the American taxpayer" and "establishing top-line discretionary expenses at the FY2022 level for ten years, allowing for 1% yearly growth."

The White House’s response to the House Freedom Caucus’ budget proposal is a clear indication of their disdain for conservative fiscal policy and their preference for wasteful spending. The proposal would have resulted in no deficit reduction and would have been a major blow to the American middle class. It is clear that the extreme MAGA Republicans are more concerned with cutting taxes for the wealthy and special interests than providing relief to hardworking Americans.

In contrast, President Joe Biden's budget proposal aims to redistribute wealth from the affluent to the middle class. His plan entails imposing a minimum tax of 25% on billionaires, raising the tax on corporate stock buybacks fourfold, reversing the tax reductions implemented by former President Donald Trump, and restructuring the capital gains tax for individuals earning more than $1 million. Additionally, the budget includes provisions for Medicaid postpartum coverage, offering free meals to low-income students, and boosting the maximum Pell grant scholarships by $500.

The White House's criticism of the House Freedom Caucus' budget proposal suggests their inclination towards unnecessary spending and their disregard for conservative fiscal policies. It appears that their priority lies in aiding special interests over hardworking Americans. This exemplifies President Joe Biden and his administration's attempt to shift wealth from the rich to the middle class, a perilous path that will result in higher taxes, greater government spending, and more deficits. Conservatives must take a stand and resist this reckless agenda.

Written by Staff Reports

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