White House Chaos Swirls as Democrats Debate Biden’s Future Amid Spin Session

The circus at the White House continues as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre prepares to hold yet another spin session. With Democrats at each other’s throats over whether to keep backing President Joe Biden or to cut their losses and find a more viable candidate, one can only imagine the behind-the-scenes drama. It’s a party divided, and unity seems more elusive than a coherent sentence from Joe himself.

Expect the fireworks to start when inevitable questions about Biden’s mental fitness are lobbed Jean-Pierre’s way. Earlier this week, there was a spectacularly awkward moment when she admitted that a Parkinson’s disease specialist had made repeated visits to the White House. Naturally, she clammed up faster than a liberal at a Second Amendment rally when pressed for the neurologist’s name. Transparency? Not in this administration.

The backdrop to all this is a Tuesday chock-full of Democratic caucus meetings in both the House and Senate. With Biden’s obvious reelection vulnerabilities, the scene is less of a discussion and more of a desperate cry for a life raft. The real question is, how many life preservers are there, and who’s being thrown overboard first?

For a party that’s supposedly all about inclusion, the Democrats are doing a stellar job of excluding common sense. Pulling in random neurologists for secret visits while pushing an increasingly confused president into the limelight is a strategy only a mother could love. And one has to wonder what grand plans are being concocted in those caucus meetings—probably something “groundbreaking” like another omnibus bill no one will read.

Biden’s mental faculties, or lack thereof, have been the elephant in the room that the MSM prefers to dodge. But now, even some Democrats are reluctantly beginning to face the music. How long can they continue the charade before admitting what’s painfully obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention? America waits with bated breath—at least those who haven’t changed the channel to avoid the cringe-fest.

Written by Staff Reports

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