White House Responds To SCOTUS Title 42 Decision

As Joe Biden prepares to depart for his vacation in the US Virgin Islands, the Obama administration released a statement regarding the situation regarding the border. The statement noted that the president would continue to act on his own to address the issue.

The White House noted that the Supreme Court's decision to maintain the Title 42 policy would remain in place until 2023. The administration will continue to comply with the court's order.

Despite the Biden administration's failure to address the border issue so far, Jean-Pierre noted that the government was still working on ways to manage it in a secure and orderly manner.

Despite the court's ruling, the White House stated that the policy should not be extended. It noted that the president does not have the necessary resources to address the influx of immigrants following the implementation of Title 42.

According to Jean-Pierre, Congress must pass comprehensive immigration legislation similar to the ones Biden proposed on the first day of his presidency. She noted that the executive order would give Republicans in Congress enough time to pass the necessary reforms and deliver the additional funds Biden requested for border security.

It is apparent that the White House and Jean-Pierre have forgotten that the Democrats have been in control of both the House and Senate for the last two years. They should have noted that the president did not address the border crisis during this period. Now, with Republicans poised to take over the House on January 3, the blame should be on the incoming administration.

During the previous Congress, the House Republicans tried to pass various legislation aimed at preventing the illegal immigrants from entering the country. Unfortunately, Democrats did not take up these measures. As a result, the Biden administration is expected to receive the same treatment from the new Congress.

Despite knowing that Title 42 would end, the Biden administration did not have a plan to address the issue. This is why it has been scrambling to find ways to keep the policy in place.

In response to the growing number of immigrants entering the country illegally, the administration recently erected a massive tent facility in El Paso, Texas. However, it is not clear how this facility will be able to handle the additional people coming into the country.

Although Title 42 was supposed to end on December 21, it still remained in place until the Supreme Court decides on its future. During the three-day period that ended on Christmas Day, the Biden administration did not utilize the policy.

Fox News reported that there were 16,476 apprehensions between December 23 and 25. About 2,150 immigrants were deported due to Title 42. Also, 14,326 people were apprehended after they entered the country illegally.

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