Why Not Construct a Wall? As Nato Membership Draws Near, Finland is Making Plans to Build a Fence Along Its Border With Russia

Compared to the Berlin Wall, Finland's proposed border fence with Russia is not as politically divisive or imposing. It also seems to be a geopolitical statement.

The construction of the wall could heighten tensions between Russia and the West. It also shows how the conflict in Ukraine has affected the attitude of European nations toward Russia.

According to media reports, Finnish border guards will begin building a fence along a two-mile stretch of the border with Russia in the spring. Officials noted that the initial construction of the fence would be followed by the building of additional sections of fence. This project, which would cost around $143 million, would extend the border with Russia by over a hundred miles.

A fence would cover about 10% to 20% of Finland's 833-mile border, making it the largest boundary between an EU nation and Russia.

The approval of Sweden and Finland's application to join NATO has been delayed, which has riled Russia. The two Nordic nations are currently waiting for the final approval of their membership in the military alliance. Officials from NATO are hoping that they will be able to join the organization as soon as possible, though the process is being held up by Turkey.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Times.

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