Witch Hunt 2.0: Dems Ready Sham Trump Indicment

Former President Donald Trump might be facing another witch hunt from the radical left-wing Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. Reports indicate that Democrat prosecutors are bracing to launch an attack against the conservative icon regarding allegations of hush money payments to Stormy Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Various law enforcement agencies in the Manhattan region have admitted that they are preparing for the possible sham indictment of the former leader by conducting security assessments. The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force, NYPD, New York State Court Officers, the U.S. Secret Service, and the Manhattan DA’s Office are all involved in the planning and discussion of how to put undue pressure on a standing president and thwart democracy.

The radical left has been after Trump ever since he made America great again by winning the 2016 presidential election. Michael Cohen, a known liar, testified before a grand jury, where he falsely claimed that Trump ordered him to pay hush money payments to two women. However, Trump denies these allegations and says he was a victim of a conspiracy theory orchestrated by the far-left.

If Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg goes ahead with these fallacious claims, he might have to prove that Trump committed a crime. A former prosecutor warned that this was a dangerous game, and that Bragg would have a tremendous risk of being dismissed by a jury. This whole process is only being done to prop up the faltering Democrat Party, which stands no chance of winning against Trump in an election.

Trump’s team strongly believes that this political hit job will only aid his chances of winning the GOP presidential nomination. While speaking with MSNBC, Trump’s defense lawyer Joe Tacopina said that launching an indictment against the former president would only elevate his popularity by exposing how the left-wing is weaponizing the justice system to silence their opposition.

With or without an indictment, Donald Trump promises to continue his fight to Make America Great Again.

Written by Staff Reports

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