With 2024 In Sight, Things Are About To Get UGLY

The midterm elections were ugly, but what's next in American politics? We're not even seeing what's coming next.

The elections are over, and now it's time to turn to 2024. With the Republicans gaining control of the House and Senate, they'll finally have the power to challenge President Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, has stated that the Republicans will be going after the Democrats in a way that will make them look bad. They'll be launching multiple investigations designed to uncover as much dirt as possible.

Some of the issues that will be investigated include the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, the mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the politicization of the FBI and Justice Department. The Republicans have already started laying the groundwork for these investigations. Although they'll likely not be able to produce any indictments, they'll still be able to reveal some of the issues that the Democrats and Biden have been hiding.

The Democratic House Select Committee on Jan. 6 will be dissolved, which means that the left will no longer be able to use the riot at the US Capitol to attack the right. It will be the conservatives who will be on the offensive.

The actions taken by the Republicans and the Democrats have made for a more contentious period in American governance. Democrats will continue to criticize the investigations regardless of how they come up with negative information. The media will also continue to parrot their talking points, and close friends and allies of both parties will gladly run with the story.

Big tech companies are also expected to start censoring the reports that come from the investigations being conducted by the Republicans. One of the most prominent platforms that will be safe is Elon Musk's Twitter.

We should also remember the investigations being conducted by the FBI and the Justice Department regarding the Trump campaign and the targeting of his associates. The agencies decided to keep their investigations on the sidelines during the elections because they didn't want to get caught up in the political controversy.

After the elections, we can expect to see the Justice Department and the FBI to launch a full-court attack against the Trump administration. It's not surprising that they'll be issuing multiple indictments against the former president and his inner circle. The FBI knows that doing so will further tear the country apart, but they're not interested in preventing Trump from running for another term.

If the indictments are made, the left will celebrate. They'll claim that it shows that Trump is the US equivalent of Hitler, and they'll also call for him to be sent to prison. Right-wingers on the other hand will see this as another example of the left using the federal government to target their political opponents.

These two scenarios don't take into account the various factors that could affect the next two years as both parties try to determine who will be the next president. Due to the political climate, anything can happen in the next couple of years. Although I'm still positive about the future, I believe that things will get worse before they get better.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on RedState.

Written by Staff Reports

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