Woke Twitch Streaming Service Fires Almost Half Its Employees!

The collapse of the woke tech industry is becoming more and more apparent as companies like Twitch, Meta, and Facebook are forced to make drastic cuts to their workforce due to the unsustainable financial system based on far-left identity politics and climate change hysteria. Twitch, the streaming service owned by Amazon, announced plans to cut 36% of its workforce, affecting 400 employees, in an effort to combat the massive economic downturn affecting big tech. This news comes just over a week after Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced 10,000 would be fired from the company and Amazon announced plans to fire 9,000 workers across divisions earlier this month.

The culture of ESG status has been a major factor in the downfall of these tech giants. Twitch is known for implementing an 8-member “Safety Council” which oversees TOS rules for the platform. The council included a transgender member who also identifies as a deer, who often accused gamers of being “white supremacists.” Twitch also recently announced a group of Safety Ambassadors to help advise and moderate the platform, including streamer FerociouslySteph, who wants to ban voice chat because they think most gamers are white supremacists.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the far-left agenda of woke tech companies is not only unsustainable but also bad for business. The Silicon Valley Bank recently exposed the deep flaws in ESG-based finance, and the saying “Get Woke, Go Broke” is becoming more of a warning than a catchphrase. Companies like Twitch are learning the hard way that their woke ideology is not only bad for business but also bad for their employees.

The recent layoffs at Twitch are yet another example of how far-left identity politics and climate change hysteria have created an unsustainable financial system. It is time for tech companies to realize that their woke agenda is not only bad for business but also bad for their employees. It is time for these companies to abandon their far-left ideology and focus on creating sustainable business models that will benefit their employees and shareholders alike.

Written by Staff Reports

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