WOW: Mainstream Media Runs Insane Fluff Piece For Kamala

Despite the media's heavy coverage of the Biden administration and the Democrats, members of the current administration, such as Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, have done a poor job. This is why it's no surprise that the mainstream media still defends them. On Thursday, The Hill published a piece by Amie Parnes about how Harris navigates the double standard when it comes to being the VP.

The piece, which was shared by Parnes on Twitter, starts off very fluffy. Its later half consists of useless information.

The responses to Parnes' tweet were not good.

In the piece, Parnes talks about how Harris' mannerisms are apparently purposeful.

"""Two years ago, Harris became the country's first female vice president. She has since stuck to the script and avoided "hot mic" moments that could undermine the administration.

Some of her allies have called out Harris for being too careful when it comes to giving the public a glimpse into her personal side.

This is an intentional attempt to make the role more serious.

"An ally noted that Harris has avoided making light of her position as the first woman and the first South Asian to hold the office of vice president. She knew how significant her role was to so many people."""

Aside from her numerous foreign policy mistakes, such as mistakenly claiming that North Korea is an ally of the United States, Harris' role as the vice president has also been less than stellar.

It's all because she's a woman of color and an Asian American, and cannot possibly be considered incompetent.

"""According to her allies, Harris is constantly faced with the same double standards that apply to other prominent female politicians, such as Hillary Clinton. This makes it hard for people to offer a playful or joking tone.

Political observers and strategists noted that it's difficult for women, including public figures and politicians, to show their more intimate side without being subjected to ridicule or scrutiny. For instance, Biden can avoid making light of his "big f——deal" remark about the Affordable Care Act by brushing it aside."""

A group of experts, who are supposedly consulted by Harris, include a university professor and Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential election to Donald Trump.

During the 2020 presidential election, Clinton warned Harris and Elizabeth Warren about the prevalence of sexism in the political system. She said it's an issue that's affecting everyone from the media to business.

During a book event in 2017, Clinton told attendees that they should be prepared for the "very worst" things to happen to them. She noted that both the left and the right have a tendency to target women.

According to Katherine Jellison, an Ohio University professor who studies gender in politics, Harris faces various challenges that are unlike those that men have experienced in her role.

Jellison noted that it's very important for Harris to show that she's capable of leading the country at a time when people want more of their leaders' personal side. She also needs to avoid being too maternal or sisterly, which could potentially damage her credibility as a politician.

Amanda Hunter, the head of a non-partisan organization that promotes women's political representation, praised Harris for being able to challenge stereotypes.

“Women have to show,” she said, adding that men can assess their capabilities.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Town hall.

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