You’ve Got to be Kidding… Schumer wants to Grant Citizenship to Millions of Illegals!

As the population growth in America slows down, liberal Senator Chuck Schumer of New York proposes to grant citizenship to millions of unauthorized immigrants.

In a recent speech, Schumer stated that the US should give amnesty to all illegal immigrants as the country's population is not growing fast enough.

In his speech, Senator Schumer stated that the US is short of workers. According to him, the country's population is not growing fast enough to reproduce itself. The only way to have a great future in the US is by welcoming and accepting immigrants. The ultimate goal of his plan is to help the 11 million illegal immigrants get a path to citizenship.

The number given by Schumer for the number of illegal immigrants in the US is a lowball figure that is probably far too low. For instance, a study conducted by MIT and Yale in 2018 estimated that there could be up to 22 million unauthorized immigrants in the country.

Before the millions of immigrants started flowing into the country under Biden’s watch, the number of people who would be granted amnesty under the plan by Schumer was not known. It is believed that the number could be much higher, as it was estimated by the MIT and Yale study.

If the number of people living in the US is around 330 million, then 30 million would be considered a high right for illegal immigrants. A large portion of the country's voting population would be composed of people who were previously illegal immigrants. This would significantly alter the racial composition of the country.

In 2021, Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that the changing racial composition of the country was intentional. He said that the Democrats were intentionally adding more voters to give them the majority.

In a segment entitled "Nothing About What's Going On Is an Accident," Carlson noted that the current US border policy was being used to change the racial composition of the country. He referred to it as the "great replacement" for the country's legacy Americans.


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