Anti-Trump billionaire funds ANOTHER baseless Trump charge

The deep pockets of Democratic donor and billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman are once again being used to fund baseless lawsuits against former President Donald Trump. This time, Hoffman is bankrolling a writer’s rape lawsuit against Trump, a ludicrous accusation that has already been thoroughly debunked. The writer in question, E. Jean Carroll, is claiming that Trump defamed her by denying her allegation that he raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman department store dressing room during the mid-1990s.

Trump attorney Alina Habba has rightfully requested an opportunity to investigate Carroll for failing to disclose the fact that Hoffman helped fund her case and pay her legal fees. It is no surprise to learn that Hoffman is backing Carroll, considering the billionaire has contributed to a number of anti-Trump causes. This includes paying $620,000 to a legal fund for Fusion GPS, the company behind the discredited Steele dossier. Not to mention, Hoffman has also been funneling money into an anti-Trump organization claiming to represent Republican women and a misinformation campaign that linked a Republican Senate candidate to Russian bots.

Carroll initially denied in October that anyone was paying her legal fees but recalled in April that “at some point her counsel secured additional funding from a nonprofit organization to offset certain expenses and legal fees.” This organization is none other than the Hoffman-backed American Future Republic. This is yet another instance of frivolous lawsuits being filed by the left in an effort to discredit Donald Trump and his legacy.

The judge has granted Trump’s lawyers the ability to question Carroll under oath for up to 60 minutes, which will undoubtedly prove her allegations to be nothing more than a politically motivated attack on the former president. The fact that Hoffman is once again bankrolling a lawsuit against Trump shows just how desperate the left is in their attempts to take down one of the most successful and popular Republican presidents in history. It’s time for the Democrats to admit defeat and focus on more pressing matters facing the country.

Written by Staff Reports

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