Watch: Trans Activist Goes Beserk On Campus Conservative Group

The recent attack on a Turning Point USA student group at the University of Washington is yet another example of the radical left’s intolerance for conservative values. An angry trans activist confronted the group, accusing them of supporting “the genocide of trans kids” before completely losing it and flipping over their table display while shouting, “Get the fuck off my campus, you Nazi!”

The incident was captured on video by a Turning Point USA representative and shows the individual, who appeared to be a male wearing a dress, having a meltdown before destroying the group’s table display. The trans activist was heard saying, “Yeah, you just support the genocide of trans kids.” The TPUSA representative responded, “That’s such an assumption.”

It’s clear that this was not an isolated incident. Last week, former NCAA women’s swimming star Riley Gaines was violently attacked by a man wearing a dress after her speech about saving women’s sports during a Turning Point USA and Leadership Institute event in San Francisco. A week prior, pro-abortion protestors attacked a pro-life event at Virginia Commonwealth University. And before that, LGBTQ activists at UC Davis were arrested after vandalizing university property during an event featuring Charlie Kirk, the founder of Turning Point USA.

These attacks are becoming more and more frequent, and it’s time for conservative students to stand up and fight back against the radical left’s attempts to silence them. It’s time to put an end to this kind of intolerance and violence. We must not allow these radical activists to continue to threaten our right to free speech and expression. We must stand together and fight for our beliefs and values. We must not allow these radical leftists to win.

Written by Staff Reports

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