AOC Celebrates Tucker Carlson’s Sudden Firing: “It Was Way Overdue”

The liberal left continues to push their agenda of silencing conservative voices. The recent firing of Fox News host Tucker Carlson is a prime example of this. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) was quick to celebrate the news, calling it “good things can happen” and “de-platforming works.” However, AOC failed to provide any evidence to support her claim that Carlson had “incited violence.”

In a gloating video, AOC said “Tucker Carlson is out at Fox News — couldn’t have happened to a better guy.” She then went on to say that while she was glad that the person responsible for “driving some of the most amounts of death threats and violent threats not just to my office, but to plenty of people across the country” was gone, she was still waiting for the villain to make a reappearance.

AOC’s comments are indicative of the liberal left’s desire to silence conservative voices and opinions. It is a dangerous precedent to set when a politician can call for someone to be banned from television without any evidence or proof of wrong-doing. This is a clear violation of the First Amendment and an affront to our democracy.

The liberal left has been trying to de-platform conservatives for years, and this is just another example of their attempts to do so. It is no surprise that Fox News subscribers are now dumping their subscriptions in droves, as they are fed up with the liberal agenda being pushed on them.

The liberal left needs to understand that silencing conservative voices is not the answer. We need to have an open dialogue and debate in order to move our country forward. We cannot allow politicians like AOC to dictate who can and cannot be heard in the media. Our democracy depends on it.

Written by Staff Reports

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