Biden Blames Media for Debt Ceiling Fail, Ignores Own Incompetence

President Joe Biden’s White House is up in arms again, this time not over their failure to effectively govern, but their perceived mistreatment by the media. According to a report by Politico’s West Wing Playbook, the White House could not be more ungrateful for the coverage they are receiving regarding the president’s botched handling of the debt ceiling.

Sources report that aides are outraged that the media is not placing enough emphasis on the Republicans’ deceitful attempt to force policy concessions by holding the debt ceiling hostage. It is frustrating to White House officials that Kevin McCarthy, the House Speaker, is not being called out for his selfish spending habits, which could lead to America’s descent into a recession. Furthermore, they are complaining that the press is neglecting to point out that raising the debt crisis does not inevitably authorize additional spending.

It is not surprising that the Biden administration is trying to shift the blame onto anyone but themselves, even going so far as to criticize the media’s previous coverage. The White House irresponsibly ignores the fact that Republicans were elected in the 2022 midterms to address the out of control spending and I, for one, applaud them for following through on their pledge.

The media’s coverage of the debt ceiling issue is further complicated by the contradictory statements made by Karine Jean-Pierre. The White House’s latest accusation of the media’s incompetence disregards their track record of distorting the facts, censoring real news, and repressing genuine criticisms.

According to polls, the Biden administration is struggling to gain support from the American public. The most significant factor contributing to their low approval ratings is the failure of his administration’s economic and immigration policies. Since his inauguration, even Democrats have started to express their dismay for the country’s future.

Perhaps the White House should be more grateful for their positions. After all, it was the mainstream media that allowed Joe Biden to hide in his basement during his presidential campaign and did nothing to bring attention to Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell.’ Moreover, they overlooked numerous stories against Joe Biden and ran everything under the sun, regardless of integrity, to undermine the previous administration’s policies.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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