Media’s DeSantis Smear Campaign Unravels: Fake News Strikes Again

The mainstream media’s bias against Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis has reached new heights of absurdity. They’ve been peddling false narratives about his policies and accomplishments to discredit him, all while he prepares to run for president. The latest example is a fake news story about a Florida school district banning numerous books. The video exposing it went viral on social media, but it was proven to be completely false by the district itself, yet the media continued to run with it.

Another so-called outrage was the banning of a poem in Florida, which also turned out to be completely untrue. Despite the facts, the media ran countless headlines making blatant falsehoods. These actions only prove their desperation to damage the reputation of DeSantis as he emerges as a potential presidential candidate.

Meanwhile, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has been making false claims about DeSantis in an effort to divert attention from his own state’s many issues. The NAACP’s recent travel advisory warning against Florida is yet another attempt to discredit DeSantis, but it lacks any factual basis. In reality, Florida’s minority populations enjoy lower unemployment rates, higher median incomes, and lower rates of both hate crimes and police killings than their counterparts in other states.

The media’s absurd bias against DeSantis and Florida is ridiculous, yet they continue to push their false narratives. They should focus on facts, rather than political agendas, to provide fair and objective reporting. Instead, they’re only discrediting themselves and vindicating DeSantis’s posture of treating most of the ‘news’ media as hostile adversaries. With the state’s crime rate at a 50-year low and its top rank in education, the media’s bias against DeSantis and Florida is not only absurd but also deeply damaging to the truth.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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