Biden Brags About Foreign Policy ‘Expertise’ While Completely Forgetting About Afghanistan

Despite his numerous foreign policy failures, including the US' exit from Afghanistan and Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Joe Biden still described himself as a seasoned diplomat.

During a campaign rally in Florida, Biden claimed that he has the necessary expertise to be a successful foreign policy candidate. He noted that he has been involved in foreign policy since he was a kid.

In 2014, Robert Gates, a former US Defense Secretary, criticized Biden's foreign policy record. He noted that he had been wrong on almost every major foreign policy issue during his four decades in office.

Before he became a candidate for president, Biden supported the Iraq War and was an ardent supporter of the invasion. He also advised Barack Obama against the raid that led to the death of Osama bin Laden.

Biden served as the vice president during the military interventions in Libya, Serbia, and Syria in 1999 and 2011.

Since becoming the president, Biden has been criticized for his handling of foreign policy. His disastrous summit with China and his failure to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine were some of his most prominent foreign policy mistakes.

Biden was also criticized by France for failing to disclose a nuclear deal with Australia. He also angered Saudi Arabia by traveling to the country and meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

In his speech in Florida, Biden criticized the results of the presidential election of 2020. He noted that the rest of the world had doubts about the US' democracy.

In response to a question, Biden said that the rest of the world was wondering what was going on in the US.

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