UNREAL! Liberals Trying to Strip Away Elon Musk’s Citizenship Status…

Liberal activists are up to dirty political tricks once again – they're now reportedly trying to take the citizenship away of Elon Musk due to a supposedly false allegation.

This time, they're doing it because of something that's just a little bit outrageous. We will not let them get away with it, and we need to stand up for Elon Musk.

Dean Obeidallah, a far-left radio host, announced on his show this week that he was trying to get the citizenship of Elon Musk, the new CEO of Twitter, stripped away.

Obeidallah stated that he would be conducting his own investigation to determine if Musk committed any fraud when he applied for US citizenship. He also said that he would be filing a request with the government to have his immigration documents annulled.

The internet was flooded with responses from people who were outraged by the liberal activist's attempt to take away Elon Musk's citizenship. Yashar Ali, who is a comedian, stated that some of the people who tried to take away Musk's citizenship were "completely lost."

Tatjana, who moved to the US, stated that she did everything she could when she was in the country, but she now finds the immigration situation in the country to be very funny. She called for Musk to be sent back. She also stated that she was very tolerant of people who disagreed with him.

Over the past week, President Joe Biden has been campaigning for Democratic candidates in various parts of the country. He has also used social media to attack the Republicans. Twitter has since flagged his Friday post for crossing a line. He had used his platform to promote his own accomplishments and attack the Republicans.

In response to a question about the tax rate, Biden said that 55 companies made over $40 billion in 2020 and paid no taxes. He then claimed that his proposed inflation-reduction act would end this situation.

Since the tweet was posted, Twitter has had to flag it for having no context. The flag, which was below the president's tweet, included the context that was added by the readers.


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