Biden Campaign Blames Voters for His Failing Presidency in Desperate Move

Frustration is brewing like a bound-to-burst geyser in the Biden campaign, a sentiment laid bare during a recent CNN interview with campaign co-chair Veronica Escobar. When a presidency sports a record more disastrous than a pie-eating contest at a dentist’s office, the strategy left to employ is quite laughable: blame the very voters who put you in the hot seat. Escobar’s remarks might have just handed us the 2024 cycle’s version of Jimmy Carter’s infamous national “malaise” moment, proving yet again that the administration is merrily strolling down the path of failure.

When CNN reporter Manu Raju noted how voters preferred Trump’s handling of the economy, he wasn’t exactly breaking news. The economy flourished under Trump’s administration, with small businesses and consumer confidence hitting new highs, and Apple was bringing back $350 billion in overseas cash. The pandemic threw a wrench in the works, but everyone lived through that. Escobar, however, chalks up Biden’s pitiful poll numbers to voter “amnesia,” bemoaning that Americans, in her view, have forgotten the supposed splendor of Biden’s leadership. According to her, it’s the public’s fault for not recognizing the “pervasive incompetence” parading around as governance. Bless our forgetful hearts.

Escobar’s rhetoric is one big, disingenuous mess. Blaming Trump for the COVID pandemic would be laughable if it weren’t so absurd. Trump’s comparison of COVID to a “bad flu” twisted the media into knots, yet today, the CDC treats it similarly. And Biden’s fanfare over reducing drug prices and battling monopolies does little to convince anyone who isn’t drinking the Kool-Aid. Trump’s administration made strides in slashing insulin prices, yet all Americans have received under Biden is an inflation nightmare and crummy job creation. America needs real jobs, not this Mickey Mouse part-time rubbish, and a solution to the inflation that has tormented households across the nation. Unfortunately, Biden lacks the mental sharpness to deliver.

The Biden crew’s gall in redirecting frustrations onto the voters is nothing short of bewildering. They’re desperately trying to rehabilitate Biden’s beleaguered approval ratings, but it’s a sinking ship. Even Biden’s 2020 supporters admit he’s too old to be effective. If the economy is supposedly in good shape, why are major union leaders like the Teamsters president speaking at the GOP convention? Why does the UAW president outright admit most of his members won’t vote for Biden? Political analyst Nate Silver even obliterated the Biden camp’s tired narrative, pointing out the economy’s dismal performance — 2.5 percent GDP growth in 2023, a measly 1.3 percent annualized rate in early 2024? Yawn.

Silver seems to have a touch of that voter “amnesia” Escobar rambled about. Biden’s “don’t believe your lying eyes” trick is as effective as “build back better,” supply chain crises, spiraling inflation, misguided foreign policy, and an ever-leaking border. Add all this to Biden’s visible mental decline, and it’s no surprise the president is zip-lining to electoral disaster. He’s an uninspiring figurehead ensconced in a cascade of failures with the charisma of wilted lettuce.

Yet, somehow, it’s the voters with memory issues. Right.

Written by Staff Reports

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