Biden Campaign in Crisis Mode Liberals Panic as Joe Refuses to Bow Out

The chaos within the Biden campaign is more entertaining than a circus act. After a disastrous debate against Trump, where Biden managed to bungle every question tossed his way, the liberal elite are in full panic mode. Their solution? Beg Jill Biden to convince Joe to bow out gracefully. Silicon Valley billionaires like Ron Conway and Laurene Powell Jobs think they can save the day.

But Joe’s not backing down. He’s like a stubborn mule refusing to leave the pasture. After huddling with his family at Camp David, nobody within the Biden clan believes it’s time to throw in the towel. Even amidst a campaign practically unraveling at the seams, they are sticking by Papa Joe. Of course, they are—Hunter Biden, the family’s very own walking conflict of interest, is the loudest voice insisting his father stay in the race. This isn’t surprising. The Hunter gravy train needs Joe to remain in office to ensure those shady cash flows from Ukraine, Romania, and China keep trickling in.

The New York Times enjoys spinning a tale about how the Biden family is trying to show America that ol’ Joe is still “scrappy and in command of the facts.” It’s a desperate attempt to paint a coherent picture of a president who’s only getting older and more forgetful with each passing day. As much as his handlers run themselves ragged on damage control, even they seem unsure if Joe can stand up to another round of public scrutiny without falling flat on his face—literally or figuratively.

Let’s be honest here. Hunter’s urging isn’t about believing in Joe’s abilities but survival. Hunter needs his dad in the Oval Office like a fish needs water. His legal problems and mounting scandals demand a powerful ally who can provide the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. And let’s not forget Jill Biden is seemingly more interested in playing queen maker than acknowledging the reality of Joe’s deteriorating cognitive skills.

Joe sticking around could be a gift wrapped in colorful paper for Republicans. It’s clear to everyone, including many Democrats, that Biden is too old and out of touch to effectively run for office again. The GOP should now pivot and focus on dismantling what’s left of Biden’s disastrous domestic policies, which have driven working-class Americans straight into economic hardship. Much like Biden’s campaign, those policies are hanging by a thread. The time is now to start exposing the cracks and making sure every American knows exactly who’s to blame for the mess this country is in.

Written by Staff Reports

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