Democrats in Disarray After Biden’s Debate Disaster Sends Party Into Panic Mode

The Democratic Party is in meltdown mode, and it’s nothing short of entertaining. Donald Trump decimated Joe Biden in their first debate, and there’s no room for argument about it: Biden was utterly obliterated. Now, the Left is in a frenzy, scrambling to find a way to replace their faltering president on the ticket. As much as they panic, it’s not going to happen, but the chaos is as real as it gets among a group of people who should have seen this coming a mile away. Even the mainstream media, which usually covers for Biden, knew this disaster was looming.

Alex Thompson at Axios was not exactly stunned by Biden’s dismal performance. He pointed out that Biden has been kept hidden from the public and media for months, and now everyone knows why. Former CNN editor Chris Cillizza went a step further, stating that Democrats should be furious at the Biden team’s selfishness. They knew Biden was not fit for this, but they plowed ahead, dragging their party down with them.

A quick look at social media reveals the depth of the panic. It’s clear that the Biden White House knew the president was deteriorating. Yet, they spent months gaslighting anyone who dared to mention his age or competence. Fancy that, Democrats are now livid. Senators like Jon Tester, Sherrod Brown, and Bobby Casey have to be fuming today. They have to share the ballot with a president who just showcased his decline on national television. It’s disgraceful, and frankly, political malpractice.

The media is now falling all over themselves in an attempt to explain away Biden’s performance. But let’s be honest here: Everyone knew. Biden’s handlers, the DNC, the voters, everyone saw the writing on the wall. Liberal and conservative polls alike hinted that the president’s mental faculties were in question. Yet, the Democrats kept pushing a narrative of everything being “just fine.”

Welcome to the mess you’ve made, Democrats. Keep on imploding. America could use the comedic relief. After all, they tried to shame anyone who brought up legitimate concerns, and now the joke’s on them. The Democrats deserve every bit of this meltdown; they made their bed, and now they get to lie in it. Enjoy the show, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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