House Oversight Ramps Up Scrutiny of Biden’s Doctor Amid Age Concerns and Ties to Failed Firm

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer is turning up the heat on President Biden’s doctor. In a move that’s no surprise to anyone paying attention, Comer is seeking an interview with Dr. Kevin O’Connor over concerns about the President’s age and mental fitness, sparked by that trainwreck of a debate performance last month in Atlanta. One must marvel that the questions took so long to hit overdrive.

In a letter to O’Connor, Comer is not only requesting an interview but also digging into the doctor’s alleged connections with a failed healthcare company linked to Biden’s brother, James. This isn’t just about Biden’s stammering through basic responses; it’s about whether the good doctor’s cheerful assessment of the President being a “healthy, active, robust” 81-year-old was clouded by his own business interests. Someone must have watched the same debate and wondered if they were in a parallel universe.

O’Connor’s ties to Americore, a collapsed healthcare venture, are now under scrutiny. Last year’s testimony from a bankruptcy trustee to the committee didn’t paint a pretty picture: James Biden got a cool $600,000 to help the company leverage the Biden name for Middle Eastern money. Comer is asking O’Connor to hand over all communications related to Americore and James Biden. It makes one wonder if we’re watching a family reunion or a business enterprise masquerading as government service.

The committee’s request for a sit-down with House Oversight Committee counsel by mid-July means they aren’t wasting time. Meanwhile, the White House had been elusive about any health checkups post-debate until it finally admitted that Biden, supposedly battling a cold, did see a doctor. Maybe next, they’ll say he was just allergic to tough questions.

To spice things up, visitor logs have recently revealed that Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s disease specialist from Walter Reed, met with O’Connor multiple times at the White House. Ten visits since last November suggest they weren’t just discussing the weather. The plot thickens, and one can’t help but wonder if there are more layers to peel back on this onion of intrigue. Congress may soon see if the doctor’s notes match the videos we’re all seeing of Biden attempting to lead.

Written by Staff Reports

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