Biden Closes Another Coal Mine in Climate Push

The Biden administration is once again pushing its climate change agenda, this time by attempting to shut down a coal mine in South Dakota. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service made the announcement on Friday, citing the Black Hills National Forest as the location of the mine. This move is part of the Biden administration’s larger effort to transition to green energy sources and away from fossil fuels.

The news has been met with criticism from conservative Republicans, such as Rep. Pete Stauber (R-MN), the chairman of the House Natural Resources Energy and Mineral Subcommittee. Stauber has argued that these sorts of land restrictions “hamstring domestic development of minerals we need for national defense, energy technology, and everyday life.” He added, “We need to be using our resources we have here with our workforce, not taking them offline.”

The mine in question is located in the Pactola Reservoir, which is the largest and deepest reservoir in the Black Hills National Forest. It has 14 miles of shoreline and 150-foot depths on 800 acres, and provides high-quality recreation for communities and visitors. The Biden administration is proposing a 20-year withdrawal of this critical watershed on national forest system lands from location, entry, appropriation, and disposal under the mining laws and the mineral and geothermal leasing laws, subject to valid existing rights. This would also stop a plan to explore for gold in the area.

The news comes at a time when the National Mining Association (NMA) has warned that the U.S. is becoming too reliant on other nations for mining resources due to climate change legislation. The NMA has stated that “our import reliance has been a well-documented and increasingly problematic issue for decades and has now become a crisis, exacerbated by pandemic-and war-related challenges, and the electrification of our economy.”

The Biden administration’s latest move to shut down a coal mine in South Dakota is yet another example of their extreme climate change agenda. This decision will not only hurt American workers who rely on mining jobs for their livelihoods, but it will also make us more reliant on foreign nations for our mineral resources. This is an irresponsible move that will only serve to weaken our economy and put us at a disadvantage when it comes to global competition. It is yet another example of why we need to elect more conservative Republicans who will stand up for American workers and oppose extreme climate change policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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