Trump Accuses Biden of Plotting His Arrest

Donald Trump took to Truth Social on Sunday to refute any reports that he was “walking back” his comments about being arrested this week. President Joe Biden and his Department of Injustice have been accused of orchestrating a “witch hunt” against Trump, and the Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg has been identified as a “Soros Racist in Reverse” who is taking orders from D.C.

Trump made it clear that when Bragg first attained office, he found no case against him. However, the Biden Administration and the Fake News Media began pushing him hard and, low and behold, he said that there might just be a case after all. Trump believes that this is a case of prosecutorial misconduct and interference with an election, and that Bragg was not willing to stand up to Soros and the Marxists that are destroying our country.

The Manhattan D.A. issued a statement on Saturday night saying his office will not be “intimidated” about potential blowback, but Trump believes that this is just a show of bravado. He believes that the D.A. is scared of the truth and is trying to cover up the fact that there was no crime committed.

The Fake News Media has been quick to jump on the bandwagon and paint Trump as a criminal, but they have failed to mention the fact that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have both been fined for campaign reporting violations in the past. This shows that the Democrats are more than happy to turn a blind eye to their own wrongdoings while they attempt to prosecute Trump for something he did not do.

The truth is that Donald Trump has been targeted by the Democrats since day one, and this is just another example of their attempts to silence him and his supporters. The Democrats are scared of Trump’s success and his ability to win elections, so they have resorted to using the legal system to try and take him down. It is a shameful display of power and corruption, and it must be stopped.

Written by Staff Reports

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