Trump Triumphs: Supreme Court Set to Crush Colorado Coup

Former President Donald Trump is on track to score a huge win at the Supreme Court in the Colorado case on his eligibility for the 2024 ballot. It’s a slam dunk for Trump as the liberal Colorado Supreme Court tried to block him from running by claiming he engaged in insurrection and therefore should be disqualified. But Trump’s legal team came out swinging, arguing that the Fourteenth Amendment doesn’t apply to presidential candidates and that the state of Colorado denied him due process.

It’s crystal clear that Trump is on the path to a massive victory, with predictions of an 8-1 or unanimous 9-0 ruling. This win will undoubtedly catapult him even further ahead in the polls as the race for the presidency heats up.

The justices seem to be in agreement that the president isn’t considered an officer of the United States. This distinction is crucial as it underscores that the Fourteenth Amendment doesn’t apply to the president in the same way it does to other federal officers.

During the proceedings, Justice Clarence Thomas grilled the attorney representing the Colorado voters, highlighting the lack of historical examples supporting their argument. Chief Justice John Roberts also chimed in, emphasizing that the Fourteenth Amendment was intended to limit state power and enhance federal authority.

When the opposing side argued that states have the power to disqualify presidential candidates, Justice Brett Kavanaugh shut them down, drawing attention to a long-standing understanding that Congress holds the authority in such matters. And, he pointed out that Trump has never been charged or convicted of the alleged insurrection, further discrediting the opposition’s case.

The justices also voiced concerns about the implications of allowing a single state to decide the outcome of a presidential election. Justice Elena Kagan questioned why a single state should have the power to determine the president, and Justice Samuel Alito provided a hypothetical scenario to underscore the dangers of such a precedent.

Justice Neil Gorsuch highlighted the flaws in the argument that the Fourteenth Amendment immediately disqualifies Trump, questioning why anyone would need to obey the president’s orders if he was indeed disqualified. And Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson raised doubts about the absence of the term “president” in the list of positions barred if they engaged in insurrection, further weakening the opposition’s position.

Even Justice Amy Coney Barrett expressed concerns about the lack of due process in the proceedings that deemed Trump ineligible. With most of the justices leaning in favor of Trump, it’s evident that this victory is all but assured.

As the case nears its conclusion, Chief Justice Roberts’ decision on who will author the court’s opinion will seal the deal. And with the decision expected before the political parties’ nominating conventions, Trump can breathe easy knowing that his path to the 2024 ballot is all but cleared.


Written by Staff Reports

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