Biden Ignores EV Sales Crash, Clings to Failing Green Dream

In the wake of dismal electric vehicle (EV) sales figures from Ford and Tesla, the White House has made it clear that it will not budge when it comes to its EV policy. White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre affirmed at a press briefing that the Biden administration is standing firm on its mandate to phase out internal combustion engine vehicles and their replacement with electric ones. The administration’s stance, despite the evident failure in the market, has left many wondering if common sense has been completely traded in for blind adherence to a green agenda.

The sales catastrophe for Ford and Tesla only serves to highlight the lunacy of the Biden administration’s EV policy. In justifying the Biden administration’s position, Jean-Pierre shamelessly parroted the tired narrative that this insistence on electric vehicles is crucial for combating climate change. But what she conveniently overlooks is how the policy’s impracticality is hurting American businesses and consumers. It’s time for the White House to get its head out of the clouds and take a good, hard look at the real-world consequences of its actions.

The stubborn refusal to acknowledge the EV policy’s shortcomings is not just baffling; it’s downright frightening. By doubling down on this policy, the Biden administration is showing a complete disregard for the economic well-being of the country. If the current approach continues, it’s not just the auto industry that will suffer; everyday Americans who are looking to purchase reliable and affordable vehicles will be left out in the cold. It’s high time for the administration to wake up and smell the exhaust fumes of reality.

Written by Staff Reports

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