Biden Meddles, Undercuts Israeli Defense Against Hamas Threat

President Biden is at it again, meddling in international affairs and giving unsolicited advice to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In a call on Sunday, Biden had the audacity to lecture Netanyahu on the Israeli military’s operations in Rafah, demanding a plan to evacuate civilians before any further action. The nerve!

Rafah, a city in Gaza with a large population and a significant refugee camp, has been the focus of Israel’s efforts to root out the terrorist organization Hamas. Despite Israel’s efforts to warn civilians and minimize casualties, Biden had the nerve to press the issue and demand more humanitarian assistance for Palestinians. What about Israel’s safety and security, Mr. President?

The biased statement from the White House made it clear that Biden wants to halt any military operation in Rafah unless there’s a “credible and executable plan” for the safety and support of the Palestinians. Excuse me, but shouldn’t the priority be the safety and security of Israel and its people? It seems like Biden needs a reality check on where America’s loyalties should lie in the Middle East.

And let’s not forget the hypocrisy of Biden’s call with Netanyahu. The president claimed to share the goal of seeing Hamas defeated and ensuring Israel’s long-term security. But his actions speak louder than his words. The Biden administration has been quick to criticize Israel’s actions while turning a blind eye to the relentless attacks from Hamas.

Meanwhile, Netanyahu has defended Israel’s response to the conflict, highlighting the unprovoked and deadly attacks on Israelis by Hamas. He emphasized Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties, including dropping fliers, making phone calls, and creating safe corridors for Palestinians to evacuate. Yet, Biden and his administration are quick to overlook these crucial efforts in favor of criticizing Israel.

It’s time for Biden to stand firmly alongside our closest ally in the Middle East and support their right to defend themselves against terrorist threats. Instead of micromanaging Israel’s actions, the Biden administration should focus on holding Hamas accountable for its relentless attacks on Israeli civilians. It’s clear that Biden needs a refresher course on international diplomacy and the true meaning of standing by your allies.

Written by Staff Reports

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