Biden Says: Sick That People Still Buy Semiautomatic Weapons

Joe Biden has all but admitted that he doesn't value the Second Amendment. Semiautomatic firearms are targeted by the 46th president's proposed prohibition.

On Thursday, while in Nantucket for Thanksgiving, Biden told reporters that he will be working on gun control measures in the coming months after dishing out pies to firemen. Aside from that, he advocated for stricter red flag rules. Even after being detained for making bomb threats, the suspect in the Colorado nightclub massacre managed to evade the state's red flag rules.

Biden then advocated for a complete ban on legally owned firearms.

“The idea we still allow semi-automatic weapons to be purchased is sick,” Biden added. “It has no socially redeeming value, not a single solitary rationale for it except profit for the gun manufacturers.”

A common tactic of Democrats is to use the phrase "semi-automatic" when referring to hunting rifles like the AR-15 in order to make them seem more lethal. But apart from bolt action rifles and revolvers, practically every weapon sold legally in the United States is a semi-automatic.

His remarks followed surveys showing dwindling support for gun control policies.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Oann.

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