Child Transgender Surgery Restrictions Are Forcing Liberals To Move States

Due to the restrictions that were implemented by Republican-led states regarding the use of so-called "transgender" procedures, many liberal families have relocated to Democratic areas to continue supporting their children's desires.

According to a report by the political news outlet, the Jackson family moved to Maryland from Texas. Cass, their 17-year-old daughter, identifies herself as non-binary and uses the pronouns "they" and "them." She came out at the age of 14. Her mother, Carrie, was a lead counselor in a school district in Malakoff, Texas.

In February, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that directed the state's Department of Family & Protective Services to investigate parents and other individuals who put their children through gender transition procedures. If they are found guilty of child abuse, they could be charged with a crime. The Jacksons then moved to Maryland to avoid prosecution. Cass' older brother also believes that he is transgender.

One example of a family that follows a political ideology rather than living in a state with opposing views is the Jacksons. They moved to a Democratic area because they believed that the restrictions on transgender procedures were harming them. Far-left activists also claimed that these laws were harming their family.

Despite the opposition from activists, the Biden administration still supports transgender rights. Richard Levine, an assistant secretary for health in the US, stated that the restrictions on transgender individuals have a significant impact on their lives.

Only around two percent of students in the US believe that they are transgender, while around five percent of adults and 1.6 percent of all adults in the country think the same way. The NIH has also noted that people who are transgender tend to have higher rates of depression.

According to transgender activists, the only way to cure mental illness is by reinforcing the beliefs of trans individuals, which they can do through various medical procedures.

Over the past couple of years, various states have started implementing laws that restrict the use of transgender procedures by people. Some of these include Arkansas, Arizona, and Alabama. Through executive orders, Texas and Florida have also restricted the procedures. Fifteen other states are currently considering similar legislation.

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