Stephen Kruiser Blames Biden for Pandemic Woes, Backs Trump for 2024

On this day in 2024, PJ Media senior columnist and associate editor Stephen Kruiser delves into the eternal Groundhog Day experience many Americans feel trapped in since the emergence of the coronavirus in early 2020. Drawing parallels to the classic film “Groundhog Day,” Kruiser humorously reflects on the sense of time standing still as the remnants of pandemic panic and government overreach persist.

Reflecting on the official onset of the pandemic on March 12, 2020, Kruiser vividly recalls the cancellations of college sports and graduations, highlighting the personal impact on his daughter, a college senior and athlete. The frustrations of enduring extended lockdowns are shared, with Kruiser acknowledging the weight gain experienced during the pandemic, leading to a humorous realization about shedding the “COVID weight.”

Amidst the humor, Kruiser shifts focus to the lasting repercussions of 2020, placing blame squarely on the shoulders of President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Critiquing the Biden administration’s policies and leadership, Kruiser laments the continued grip of the pandemic hangover coupled with what he perceives as Democrat-led woes facing Americans today.

In a nod to the upcoming presidential election, Kruiser positions former President Donald Trump as a potential antidote to the current political malaise. Expressing a favorable view of Trump’s leadership capabilities, Kruiser suggests a Trump presidency as a means to break free from the perceived endless loop of Biden’s governance. With a touch of sarcasm and wit, Kruiser sets the stage for a political showdown that, in his eyes, offers a chance to escape the Groundhog Day of pandemic politics.

Written by Staff Reports

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