Biden’s Climate Crony Kerry Ditches Post for Campaign Trail

The White House bid farewell to special climate envoy John Kerry, who is stepping down to help President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign. This move comes as no surprise to conservative Republicans, as Kerry has a long history of putting climate change above American interests. The White House press secretary talked about how Kerry has been instrumental in advancing the administration’s climate agenda. Of course, they fail to mention how this agenda will destroy jobs and harm American energy independence.

Kerry, a 2004 Democratic nominee for president, has been the first U.S. special presidential envoy for climate since 2021. It’s no secret that his focus on climate issues has always taken precedence over other important matters, like national security and economic growth. Now, he’s walking away from his post to help Biden secure a second term in office. How typical of the left to prioritize their own political gain over serving the American people.

The White House press secretary made sure to express the president’s appreciation for Kerry’s so-called accomplishments, despite the fact that the majority of Americans will bear the negative impacts of his climate policies. They praised Kerry for his role in implementing investments that, according to them, will reduce emissions in half by 2030. They failed to mention the massive costs and job losses that will come with these unrealistic and harmful targets.

It’s no surprise that Kerry’s next move is to join Biden’s reelection campaign. He even stated that getting Biden reelected was the “single biggest” action for climate progress. Of course, the White House neither confirmed nor denied these reports, but it’s clear that Kerry’s loyalties lie more with the Democratic party and their twisted climate priorities than with the best interests of the American people.

While the White House expressed gratitude for Kerry’s work, they failed to address whether he would be replaced within the administration. Their silence on this matter raises questions about their commitment to continuing their climate agenda. Conservative Republicans can only hope that Kerry’s replacement will prioritize the needs of the American people and not just the radical climate agenda pushed by the left.

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