Biden’s Cozy Call with China: Tough Talk or Soft Steps?

President Joe Biden hopped on the phone with Chinese President Xi Jinping for a chit-chat, the first time they’ve talked since their friendly face-to-face in November 2023, as per the Chinese media’s scoop.

The hot topics during their phone pow-wow included Taiwan, military chats between the countries, Artificial Intelligence, climate change efforts, and fighting the trafficking of illegal drugs. Biden made sure to flex his diplomatic muscles, stressing the importance of peace and stability around Taiwan and maintaining freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. He also brought up worries about China cozying up to Russia and not playing nice with trade policies.

Now, as a red-blooded conservative American, it’s always a bit nerve-wracking when our president starts chatting with the leader of a communist regime like China. But hey, I suppose it’s better to talk than to have a punch-up, right?

Seems like these two leaders are trying to play nice and keep the lines of communication open. Biden must have had a lot to say because they hadn’t talked on the phone since July 2022. Maybe they spent the whole time catching up on the latest panda news – at least that’s my fluffy take on it.

In the end, let’s hope Biden’s tough stance on protecting American interests shines through in these talks. Diplomacy is all well and good, but it’s crucial not to let other countries walk all over us. Kudos to Biden for looking out for the good ol’ U.S. of A!

Written by Staff Reports

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