Biden’s Crazy Speech Even Had Joe Manchin Shocked!

On Tuesday night, President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address to the nation. As he spoke, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin was seen with a perplexed and astonished expression on his face as he attempted to comprehend the President’s stuttering speech.

The moment was captured by Clayton Keirns and shared on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. In the video, Manchin can be seen looking around in confusion, with his brow furrowed and mouth slightly agape. His reaction was so striking that it has been shared and discussed by many people across the country.

The confusion of Manchin was likely due to Biden’s speech pattern, which has been described as stuttering. This is not a new phenomenon for the President, as he has been known to have difficulty speaking in the past. However, it was still a surprise to many viewers, including Manchin, who seemed to be taken aback by the President’s speech.

The moment has sparked a wide range of reactions from people across the political spectrum. Many have expressed sympathy for Biden, noting that his speech impediment should not be used to criticize him or his policies. Others have argued that Biden’s speech is indicative of a larger problem, suggesting that it could be a sign of cognitive decline or other health issues.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it is clear that Manchin’s reaction to Biden’s speech has become a topic of conversation across the country. It is a reminder that even in the midst of a highly politicized event such as the State of the Union address, moments of humanity and emotion can still be found.

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