Biden’s Electric Car Mania Sparks Another Labor Strike Alarm!

Joe Biden, self-proclaimed champion of the blue-collar worker, may be facing some trouble in that department. The United Auto Workers (UAW) labor union is threatening to go on strike over the Biden administration’s push for all electric vehicles (EVs) in the United States. This is a big blow to Biden, who loves to tout his support for the working class, but tends to ignore them in favor of the highly-educated, rich, white elite.

If the UAW does go on strike, it could spell disaster for the economy, which Biden keeps insisting is doing great despite the fact that most Americans don’t agree. It’s no wonder his approval numbers are so low right now. But the UAW’s gripe is understandable – most EV battery plants are non-union, and the push for EVs goes against the interests of labor unions.

The issue at hand is the status of workers in battery plants, many of which are jointly owned with battery companies. It’s a complicated situation that won’t be easily resolved. And it’s not just the UAW that is causing headaches for the Biden administration – there have been strikes and threats of strikes from various organized groups. This labor unrest adds to the already long list of problems Biden has to deal with, including his son Hunter’s scandal and pressure from House Republicans.

But the root of the problem lies in the Biden administration’s single-minded focus on climate change and EVs, without considering the other issues at play. Our electric grid is not equipped to handle a large-scale switch to EVs, and we have to rely on China for the materials needed to make the vehicles because American environmentalists shut down any mining operations here. And to top it all off, most Americans can’t afford these expensive EVs, even with government subsidies.

It’s clear that the EV push is not benefiting America in any meaningful way. Yet, the Biden administration continues to push forward, ignoring the concerns of the working class and labor unions. Perhaps it’s time for Biden to listen to the people he claims to champion and reconsider his approach.

Written by Staff Reports

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