Ex-Gorsuch Clerk: Jack Smith Staffer Deserves Misconduct Charges

Finally, the long-awaited arraignment for Trump aide Walt Nauta has come to an end. Nauta, who was indicted by the biased and partisan Special Counsel Jack Smith, had the audacity to plead not guilty to the charges of obstruction of justice and false statements. Can you believe the nerve? It’s clear that this is just another attempt by the Democrats to take down Trump and his allies, even after he’s out of office.

But that’s not all. Mike Davis, a former law clerk for Justice Neil Gorsuch, took to Twitter to voice his disgust with the whole situation. And you know what? He’s absolutely right. One of Mr. Smith’s staffers should definitely face misconduct charges for threatening Nauta’s attorney. It seems that the corruption and dirty tricks go all the way to the top in this case.

This latest allegation of prosecutorial misconduct is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s clear that Jack Smith didn’t thoroughly review all the documents before deciding to indict Trump. This is just another example of the biased and unfair treatment that Trump has faced throughout his entire presidency. And now, they’re even putting his thoughts on trial with this third indictment. It’s outrageous and a complete overreach.

It’s no surprise that Mr. Smith has a reputation for getting ahead of himself on criminal matters. This is just another example of his biased agenda and disregard for the truth. It’s time for the American people to see through these partisan tactics and stand up for justice. Trump and his allies deserve a fair trial, not this political circus.

Written by Staff Reports

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