Biden’s Lawyer Ducks on Transcripts, Sparks Mental Fitness Doubts!

President Joe Biden’s personal attorney, Bob Bauer, dodged questions about releasing the transcripts of the president’s interviews with Special Counsel Robert Hur, raising even more concerns about Biden’s mental sharpness. The decision not to prosecute the president over mishandling classified documents was detailed in a scathing report by Hur, who pointed out Biden’s “poor memory.”

Bauer confirmed the existence of transcripts but refused to take a stand on whether they should be released during his appearance on CBS News’s Face the Nation. When pressed, Bauer repeatedly skirted the issue, insisting it was a classified document and a decision that must be made within the government. He certainly didn’t give a straight answer about his own preference.

In addition, Bauer accused Hur of “cherry-picking” Biden’s interviews in a “misleading way,” calling Hur’s work “shabby” and “completely out of bounds for a prosecutor.” With all this finger-pointing and tap-dancing around the issue, it’s clear that there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

One thing is for sure, Bauer’s refusal to take a clear position and his attacks on Special Counsel Hur raise even more eyebrows about what Biden might be trying to hide. It’s a classic case of political maneuvering and deflection, but the American people deserve transparency and honesty from their leaders. Let’s hope the truth comes out despite the lawyerly dance moves.

Written by Staff Reports

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