Biden’s Popularity Plunges: Loses Debt Ceiling Battle to GOP & Faces Corruption Claims

The mess that President Joe Biden has created with his weak leadership continues as he tries to shuffle out of debt ceiling negotiations with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Democrats can’t seem to catch a break and are losing the messaging battle to the Republicans at every turn. Recent news suggests that the president’s popularity is plummeting as a new poll from Fox News, conducted with Beacon Research and Shaw and Company Research, shows that more Americans would blame Biden for a default than they would McCarthy or congressional Republicans.

The survey highlights that Biden has failed to grasp the situation with a mass majority of Americans believing that spending cuts should be included in a bill increasing the debt ceiling. When it comes to this aspect of the debt ceiling issue, a hefty 57 percent of Americans stand against the President’s initial position. The sad reality is that he has wasted more than two months refusing to engage in talks with Speaker McCarthy on these cuts.

The Fox News Poll highlights a striking statistic of how much Biden has failed the American people. If the United States defaults on its debt before a deal can be reached to raise the debt ceiling, more Americans would blame President Biden than Republicans in Congress by a margin of 47 percent to 44 percent. An even sadder reality is that only eight percent of Americans said they would blame both if a default happens. With House Republicans having passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling and avoid default, this failure falls heavily on Biden’s lap.

This fight over the debt ceiling is different from a previous fight with President Obama in 2011. Back then, 47 percent of Americans would have blamed Republicans while only 32 percent would have blamed Obama. This means that despite having mainstream media, big tech companies, and cultural institutions on their side, President Biden and his administration couldn’t manage even a similar result to the Obama administration. In fact, it has gotten so desperate in the West Wing that Biden aides have actively spoken out against the mainstream media’s supposed failure to “frame” the debt limit situation in a way that benefits the president.

In a sad continuation of this ongoing issue, Fox News’ poll also suggested that many Americans believed that President Biden is “corrupt,” doesn’t care about Americans, is not honest and trustworthy and lacks the judgment and mental soundness to be commander in chief. These results are not promising for the President as he looks towards 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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