Black Senator Blasts President Biden’s “Soul-Crushing” Speech, Demands Action

In preparation for the midterm elections in 2022, Democrats are placing their complete faith in a narrative designed to sow division. They hope that by criticizing Republicans and Donald Trump, they will be able to maintain their majorities in the House and Senate, despite the fact that they have nothing to show for their time in office that might be considered an accomplishment.

That was topped off by Joe Biden's infamous speech in Philadelphia, in which he slandered Republicans as "threats to democracy." He has continued to target conservatives, dubbing them "Ultra MAGA." He has portrayed millions of Americans as "extremists" all in an effort to terrify voters into voting Democrats, who have all but ruined our economy.

But Republican Senator Tim Scott ripped into Biden's remarks and urged people to come together in a meaningful way.

The Republican legislator of African descent pondered on how times of crises tend to bring people together across the country. On the other hand, he stated that Americans do not have to wait for the subsequent crisis in order to come together. One type of leadership is all that is required.

Is that something that can be found in this White House? Not so, if one is to believe Scott. In a speech that was marketed as "unifying," President Joe Biden set the United States of America against millions of its own citizens. He termed Biden's speech in Philadelphia "soul-crushing" and "unnecessary." He made false accusations about the danger posed by Trump supporters, who make up the majority of the Republican Party, and that they incite violence.

Biden did not make any attempt to appeal to the shared American ideals and freedoms that unify the entire country. He did nothing to rouse the hearts of the people or encourage them to work together across party lines. The only thing that Biden accomplished was to spread poison with the intention of rescuing his party in the approaching elections.

Everything was just a cover for the massive failures that Biden has had over the past two years. Since January 2021, Democrats have held control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the White House. Nevertheless, over that time period, the state of our nation has worsened dramatically. The economy is plummeting to new lows. Our adversaries in other parts of the world are expanding their presence. And the situation continues to deteriorate with each passing day.

Because he is not a leader, Joe Biden will never be able to bring the country together. His presidency has been a fiasco all along. And members of his party have no concept how the United States should be run.

They just have empty attacks remaining at their disposal.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on National Insiders.

Written by Staff Reports

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